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At AMCI, we hold strong ethical values that have guided us in the development of a ‘one- stop shop’ approach for our clients business and financial needs.  For our clients, we are seen as their finance department making them significant cost savings.

Our clients include landlords and property investors, online and traditional retail and wholesale businesses, freelancers and contractors, care homes, caterers (restaurants, takeaways and special events caterers), the construction industry and beauty salons.


Our vision is to help you to achieve your financial freedom through sound advice.


Our mission is to add value to our small and medium sized clients business and financial development.  Our talented people are passionate in providing unparallel service to delight our clientele so that they can achieve their goals, profitably.



We have the professional competences and adopt a positive attitude in solving your problems however big or small they might be.  For example, if you are undergoing a tax investigation by HMRC, contact us so that we can resolve it amicably.  We will communicate with you in plain English and undertake an in-depth examination of the situation so that we can clearly understand the nature of the investigation and assist you appropriately in dealing with HMRC.


Our team is highly motivated to make a difference to your bottom line.  For example, if you are seeking to raise finance for your new or existing business venture, contact us so that we could assist you to evaluate your proposal to achieve a most favourable outcome.  We have direct links with High Street banks and other lenders making it easier for you to raise finance! 


Time to time, we all need to adapt to changing environment.  We embrace change as an opportunity for continuous improvement.  For example, our advisory services can implement creative and innovative solutions to whatever challenges you might be facing now or in the future.  We promise not to let you down!


We take pride in everything that is fair, honest and knowledgeable and build trust in every situation.  As your trusted advisors, we are committed to excellence in achieving agreed outcomes.  We lead where others follow.  Your success is our success!