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Do you wish to start a business but are not sure how to do it?
Have you been made redundant due to the Covid-19 pandemic and want a financially secure future for yourself and your family?
Do you have an idea and want to develop a business plan for success?
Are you a student working on a business enterprise project?

“This book is fundamental to the launch of any business venture. If you wish to succeed in business like we have with Ihqlak’s advice, read his book as the advice offered is best of the best.”

Marc Greene, Director & Founder – Skirting World Ltd

“…this book is derived from the gem of a handout that Ihqlak produced at University College Birmingham some 20 years ago to address the challenge of simplifying business plans for non-business students. Ihqlak’s handout was continually refined over the years and grew ever more sophisticated, developing into a booklet, before eventually becoming the basis of a well received degree in Business Enterprise.  Furthermore, the ‘Start-Up’ booklet was to become an aide-memoir of guidance to all of our teaching team involved in advising on business start-ups, underpinned an EU funded project to promote start-up ventures and was borrowed by other institutions who recognised effective practice at work. As is shown in this book, the aim was to produce an easily followed template towards producing a workable business plan….. So use this book and don’t rule out becoming your own boss to meet your own business dreams!”

Professor Melvyn Pryer – formerly the Dean of two Schools –  Business School and the School of Recreation, Sport & Tourism) and the Director of the International Centre at University College Birmingham, UK

The book has also been exclusively designed to show YOU how to thoroughly plan, develop and execute a new business venture. If you are serious about starting your own business, this book provides step-by-step guidance to achieving your goals to financial success.

This book is based on a real-life story of a young man that despite a tough upbringing, successfully achieved his goals – the right way. Learn from Ihqlak’s own entrepreneurial journey, advising entrepreneurs as a Chartered Certified Accountant, globally, with an incredible 98% success rate for all start-ups since 2003!

Written in plain English, easy to follow and understand, it is a must read for the serious entrepreneur. Undertake a personality test before embarking on YOUR entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy inspiring stories, quotations, and real life case examples and find your own way to SUCCEED!

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